All shots in this reel are studio projects (my contribution is animation only)

In this sample:
. sequence for short film "Let's Eat", directed by Dixon Wong (Anamon Studio)
. the 3 shots with a blue tuba player are all animations for "The world of Coke (for Psyop studios) 
. shots with Templeton, the rat, are from feature film "Charlotte's Web" (Tippet Studio)
. shots showing Hogsqueal talking to a boy by a tree are from feature film "Spiderwick Chronicles" (Tippet Studio)
. the shot with a behemoth that looks like a big octopus are from feature film 'Hellboy" (the first one), directed by Guillermo Del Toro
. the dog with a bow and "arrow" are from feature film "The Son of the Mask"

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